My Olympus now carries passengers! See photographs

  • This is at the Japanese end game, where many players are having difficulty changing schedules, and even staying online at that server, even though other servers are playing normally.

  • I usually get a glitch where the city i'm connected to says it takes passengers but i know it's a glitch because the Broadway Express server is a goods only server and a simple refresh fixes it. It won't let me do anything otherwise.

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  • A little Google search turned up this:

    The 108 means that the client sends the server a wrong schedule. So a timetable that you can not actually set.

    It's a translation but you get the idea. I already made a wish here pertaining error codes here:
    Wish: List of error codes

    Hopefully they will like the idea :)

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    To get to 1000 Posts :)

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  • Thank you SteamySignal! ^^

    It is strange because I just finished US103 not many days ago, and did not have any problems with the game at the end game, super populated server and my second time playing there.

    Same with the Russian servers, never any problem.

    But my teammates (same company) and city mates (friends from other companies) are saying they are having troubles changing schedules to follow instructions of called product, big big delays in message arrival, or get a message telling them unexpected error, either continue playing or reload. But we continue playing, the game is frozen. We reload and we get a white page saying rail nation will be coming soon.

    Maybe it is a technical problem with the server?

  • Probably lag lol

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