Message POPUPS over MAP buttons

  • I'm guessing the people giving you a hard time and doing their own thing never do the calling themselves.

    Can't say that this time as the two main ones moaning on Loch Ness did call themselves as well. In most cases they called what I would have done, but not always because they didn't give themselves enough time to look at all options.

  • Back to my original post, I'd like to propose a solution?

    How about have the same notifications slide in to the left from the right side bottom **ABOVE** the map navigational buttons, instead of from the bottom right upward, where they interfere. Seems it would be a quick and easy fix.

    I've turned off most of mine, just to avoid the aggravation, but I'd rather turn many of them back on, as they can be helpful.

    Just thinkin.