No PP or 5% interest at 1 am on COM 03 Smoke Chamber

  • Thanks for the reply Samisu

    I will wait and see what transpires.


    1. If you can reply in such a way, why is there no update from support other than it is being passed along

    2. Do we have any assurance that it will NOT happen again tonight

  • MMMmmm Just seen message from RN

    500k and 3 lottery tickets......... approx 300k more than I would have got + 2 tickets,,, as we didn't get daily ticket either

    don't get the 106PP I would have got tho

    and 300k wont get me that back.....

    But better than nothing I guess

  • It was a one time hick-up when the calculation broke, and only on Smoke Chamber, in the middle of the night. Unfortunate accident no one could have predicted. Our goal still is to always avoid all crashes, hick-ups and issues whenever possible, and we have a system in place to do just that.

    I feel you, just started a game there myself.

    The "good" thing is, everyone is in the same situation - prestige was lost. I hope the dollars and lottery tickets are enough to keep the engines going as before.