Changelog for Update 4.14.0

  • Dear players, please find details of an upcoming update below.

    New bonus engine
    A new bonus engine has been implemented that will increase in power with each passing era. The new bonus engine can be won in the lottery. The train will be unlocked after the global roll-out is finished (scheduled for 25.04.2019)


    Major improvements have been made to the performance, especially for players with many connected tracks.


    We overhauled the support window to provide access to hot topics and the forum.

    Balancing changes

    After monitoring our recent trainspotter changes, we concluded that we overshot our intended target. We decided on the following corrections:

    • The 'bad luck protection' counter increased from 20 to 100 trainspotters.
    • Money rewards for trainspotters have been increased to double for normal speed servers and quadruple for express servers.
    • The trainspotter interval on express servers has increased from 30 to 60 minutes.

    Another thing we changed concerns the pre-registration of associations. Before this update, it was possible to pre-register in a city and reserve places for the whole association without the members being counted towards the overcrowding rule. It was therefore possible for several big associations to circumvent the overcrowding rule and meet up in the same city, region or faction.

    With the coming changes, these reserved spaces for association members will count immediately towards the overcrowding rule of cities, regions or factions.

    We hope you like the update! Let's talk about the Update 4.14.0

  • Bug fixes

    RN2018-4708 Mobile: Music no longer continues to play when running in the background.
    RN2018-4874 Mobile: The display of the flash sale tile in MTX shop has been fixed.
    RN2018-5627 Mobile: Autocomplete for the email address during the registration process no longer adds a space.
    RN2018-5644 Text which exceeded its bounds when expanding the list of cities in the endgame overview has been fixed.
    RN2018-5646 The display options pop-up no longer appears after login when the tab isn't active.
    RN2018-5854 The buttons in the association widget now always turn red if a station bonus can't be collected, even if the financial limit of the other player has not been reached yet.
    RN2018-5977 Mobile: The position of the options screen has been adjusted.
    RN2018-6488 IGM pop-ups no longer appear after they have expired.
    RN2018-6598 The layout of cities in the endgame overview has been changed so that names no longer overlap with the timer.
    RN2018-6626 Train containers displayed in the schedule assistant now show the estimated profit instead of the last hour's revenue.
    RN2018-6804 Some changes have been implemented to prevent pop-ups from freezing the game.
    RN2018-6832 The map no longer jumps when scrolling during the sandbox tutorial.
    RN2018-6889 Mobile: Problems have been fixed with the Facebook login after using the Facebook app.
    RN2018-6926 The successive purchase of boosts has been fixed when switching through the detail screens for trains.
    RN2018-6927 Crashes no longer occur when using special characters during name selection after the tutorial.
    RN2018-6945 The personality screen of other associations has been fixed.
    RN2018-7062 Mobile: Options for local push notifications are now saved correctly.
    RN2018-7064 The context menu for trains no longer opens when watching other players.
    RN2018-7071 Problems have been fixed after installing traction force upgrades and adjusting the schedules.
    RN2018-7078 All cities are now displayed in the museum when reactivating trains, even when a lot of cities are connected.
    RN2018-7097 The association edit screen no longer crashes when the emblem has no icon for some reason.
    RN2018-7101 Problems have been fixed concerning the display of containers in the train list.
    RN2018-7144 A phrasing inconsistency has been fixed within the game-over screen.