Rail Nation Origin Journey

  • Travel guides wanted! It's almost time - Rail Nation comes up with a brand new scenario!

    To give you a taste of what awaits you soon, let us take you on a little sightseeing tour! And what cannot be missed on such a trip? Right! The attractions!

    Attractions are not only the highlight of any city trip, they are also impressive cultural or natural monuments and they are world famous as landmarks of the country - not only does the Eiffel Tower symbolize France, but it is also one of the most visited attractions in the world. Every child knows the Eiffel Tower or Neuschwanstein Castle - but who of you would have recognized Schloss Gottesaue in Karlsruhe?

    Now all culture enthusiasts, sightseers and tourists are in demand among you!

    Because over the next four weeks, we invite you to a journey through our countries and you are the guide! And of course there is something to be gained - whoever manages to assign all fifty landmarks to their respective city has the chance to win up to 500 gold!

    We will post two landmarks each day, one at 11:00 GMT+2 and one at 19:00 GMT+2. You have 3 days to write us your answer in these dedicated landmark threads. For every correct answer you get one point. After every 10 landmarks have been revealed, we will pick 5 winners. They will get 5 track vouchers each.

    After all 50 landmarks have been revealed the top 3 with the most points will get 10 Gold per per point, with a max of 500 Gold.

    The “week” winners will be announced on:

    • 23.04.2019
    • 28.04.2019
    • 03.05.2019
    • 08.05.2019

    The final winners will be announced on 13.05.2019. Please note you can only participate in one domain.

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