Industry Investment Page - Scroll button change

  • Industry Investments Page:

    This lists all your investments in connected industries from highest investment to smallest investment ($0).

    The issue is with the scroll or 'jump to top' button at the bottom of this page. The page already starts at the top. Scrolling down a page shows 5 additional industries. As an investment prestige player, If I want to see my 'least invested' industries (to make sure I have invested at least once in all my connected industries) and if I'm connected to 500 industries, I have to scroll down 100x !!! Additionally, after I select one of them and invest, the page jumps back to the top and I have to start scrolling all over again (+100x)! And again, and again and again etc. The 'Jump to Top' button is completely useless as the page jumps to the top automatically every time something is clicked, or when the page is opened. PLEASE change the 'jump to top' button to a 'jump to bottom' button.

  • Tried that, didn't work for me. It's the investment amount order that needs to be changed, not the 'time' order.

    And still, why have a 'jump to top' button and not a 'jump to end' button, especially if the page always loads and resets at the top after any click anyway?

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