End Game City Demand

  • About to start End Game in Rocky Mountains.

    In past End Games cities that ranked higher in the End Game top 10 had to haul more to complete deliveries of each good.

    There's a rumor going around that ALL cities in the top 10 will have to deliver the same amount as the city in the #1 spot.

    I haven't seen any announcement about this change from Rail Nation.

    Which is it, do all cities haul the same amount as city #1, or each city that is lower in the EG ranking having to haul less to complete a good?

  • Interesting, where did this rumor come from? Could it be the mixed with SoE scenario where cities that placed after the number 10 have to deliver the same amount as the city placed number 10?

    The rumor is not true, but I would be very interested to hear where it comes from.

  • Ranking doesn't matter.

    City level going into the Endgame is what determines your Megacity quota, which is currently set at 3x that level's "max" stock (look at the number at the end of the stock bar and multiply by 3).

    So yes, cities that are more highly ranked typically have to haul more than those that are ranked lower. However, if two (or more) cities have the same city level going into Endgame, then they will both (or all) have the same quota. If all 10 cities have the same level, they will be ranked by order of achieving that level and all will require the same tonnage.

    Hope that helps. :)