Origin story of your name

  • Hi hii!

    Would you like to share what is behind your nickname? Why did you pick the name and do you have a story to go with it?

    I get often asked if my nick 'Samisu' is Japanese. Not quite, but close. Samisu comes from my own name and initials with only one letter changed from the Japanese word スミス - Sumisu, which means Smith.

    Community Smith Samisu, at your service ^^^^^^

    I've been using the nick for years and in many occasions, and it feels very close to me. There's no big or flashy origin story, but I hope you will have one for your name!

  • Nice idea, Samisu.

    Well, Klabbauter ... that's a longer story than yours. In German, the Klabauter or Klabautermann is the well known ship's kobold, who sails on all ships. I never found an English name for it, other than ship's kobold.

    First reason for my choice is, that I have two gread hobbies, photography (sports, events and nature) and sailing the oceans. I have been sailing and teaching people to sail and to navigate since the late 70-ies. Never sailed around the world, but summing up all the sea miles, they are just 4-5 times doing that.

    The Klabauter is that kobold, never to be seen (sailors believe, if they see him, the ship will sink, so they take it as a warning, but some also fear that little guy because of that bad news he is bringing). If the ship is safe, the Klabauter is hiding from view, but when there are weak parts of the ship, sailors believe, they can hear him using that hammer on those almost broken parts. Again, he is taken as a warning to look after the safety of the ship.

    It's a fairy tale, it's superstition ... but I have often noticed, that somehow I knew, when there is a danger for my ship. I woke up 5 minutes before a ferry came into the harbour, that could not stop, I changed direction just 100m from that underwater rock, which I later recognized on the sea map, I "knew" the hurrican would turn north, so sailed to the southern hurricane hole ... so many situations, when there was some kind of help, and I did not know, where it came from.

    Call it 7th sense or call it Klabauter ... if helped me a lot, wherever I sailed ... and as I love to help, the name of the helpful kobold feels good for me.

    Well, the second B ... I hate to gest the message "Your nickname is in use alrady. How about Klabauter192?"

    Adding a second B made it a name instead of the denomination of a superstition, plus, whereever I use it, that message never has come up again.

    Drei Gruppen sagen immer die Wahrheit:

    1. Kinder 2. Betrunkene 3. Jeder, der verdammt noch mal stinksauer ist.

  • Well, ♫ I'm going off the rails ♫♪ ... you get the idea. As for "Ron", people always assume Ronald. Nope. Ron is derived from my middle name, Cameron. What I find surprising is that people ask how I could possibly get 'Ron' from 'Cameron'. Seriously. I figure if you can pull Bill out of William, Bob from Robert, or better yet "Jack" from John...I can certainly use 'Ron'. At least all the letters are there.

  • My name is StreGatta (I'm Italian)
    This are the union of Strega and Gatta (witch and cat)

    and I chose it because in the game everyone says I am a witch and that I scratch with comments (and not only) :evil:

    StregattO is also the name of the Cheshire cat in the Italian adaptation of Disney's Alice in Wonderland. The name has been used occasionally in literature to refer to a witched (or witching) cat.

    As for mine... well, if you're not Tuscan isn't really straightforward... for the Tuscans, supercazzola brematurata come fosse antani, anche per due.

    For everyone else, it spawns out of some sort of gibberish or gobbledygook way of speaking to confuse the interlocutor in a comedic way that was used occasionally in the Divine Commedy by Dante and rehashed by Mario Monicelli in the dark comedy Amici Miei (My Friends).

    Growing up in Florence we would throw nonsensical words at each at other trying to catch each other guard and, if the other missed that it was a nonsensical word and would reply asking what was said, we'd say "Puppa!", literally "suck it", sort of gotcha.

    One of those nonsensical words was Stubaski.

    Currently playing on:

    M1.201 Scandinavia

  • Hear Me Roar

    My nickname is easy to translate.

    There are 3 sources (reasons):

    1. One of my favorite songs (See the song lyrics!)

    This song describes my characteristics. It suits me very much.

    Katy Perry - Roar (Official) - YouTube

    2. A movie you may have heard of ;)

    Game of Thrones

    3. That was the name of the team when I won my first win!

    This is another reason to be special to me!

  • My name comes from many years ago when I was in the RAF. I used to play hockey and, although I wasn't a great player I used to have the lucky habit of being in the right place at the right time to score a goal, many of which I 'sniffed' out from rebounds. An officer running the RAF under 21 team gave me the nickname and I have used it ever since.

  • My nickname is an abbreviation of the name of our last dog we had. It was a Chow Chow with the name Yannai, we always called him Naike.

    In the Dutch language the last letters **ke or **tje create a diminutive of a noun.

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  • In the distant past when names in highscores could only be 4 characters, I, for some reason, called myself JAKE. Probably because my friend called himself ZAKE, and my name was due to lack of creativity. My own name is Tom, and that was just too short.

    Later on when it was actually possible to use a name in games I changed it to Jack, used my own initial (T for Tom) in the middle, and the name Richards just popped up to be used as a surname. I just kinda liked the look of the name Richards.

    It has stuck with me for MANY years, and the kids always ask me why I call myself JTR, when I play games with them

  • At the time i started my first online game i was reading a book from my favorite author Terry Pratchett from his serie the Disk World, Maskarade was the name of the book and the head person in that story was Agnes Neter who had an alter ego called Perdita X, so i chose for the alter ego af Agnes Neter for my nick name, and i play now already so long with this name that it became for me my alter ego ;)

  • I'm not so original...

    Luke is the name of my oldest son (Luca in Italian). At that time I had only him (since then I have had two other children, a boy, and a girl).

    Parker...because when I register I 'm holding a Parker brand pen (my sister's gift)


  • My nick came from many, many hours walking in the New Forest and seeing countless mysterious and amazing things in nature. Every experience sounded deep in my heart and caused a strange welling up of (I want to call it spiritual emotion) or moving of my spirit.

    One day was very special though and its where the nick came from because I couldn't hold what I was feeling inside and had to express it in sound.

    It was very early one morning late in the Autumn, light mists where hovering between the trees and close to the ground like gossamer. The birds where just waking up and calling to one another, mice, shrews and other small creatures crept through the leaf fall.

    Suddenly there was a "cough" so froze on the spot. Looking around slowly so as not to cause any alarm I spotted a 13 point Red Deer Buck standing on a low atoll about 100 yards from me.

    Slowly but surely I was surrounded by his harem as they came out of the undergrowth to graze on the lush grass. It was a combination of truly amazing, privilege and trust to have all these deer so close with some in touching distance.

    Feelings of joy, exhilaration, privilege and other things moved deep inside and could not be held onto. The sound that came out almost like a deep spiritual groan sounded like Spuzzana.

    It has been my nick ever since.

  • mgc because those are my maiden initials … 49 because when I first started playing computer games many many moons ago the game I was playing added those numbers to my initials. I have been mgc49 ever since and the nick has moved from game to game with me.

    People generally shorten it to mg, mgc, or 49 …. and I answer to any of those ... though I move rather too slowly to be named for a sports car :)

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  • I was trying to come up with a railroad name, either a person or an object preferably a name that was not well known except to maybe the staunchest RR fan. Of course Casey Jones was taken, many times in many forms but I did not want that name for that very reason. It was too common. I kept digging around trying to come up with something and then I stumbled across Axel S. Vogt. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/axel_vogt I knew right then I had found my name!