Origin story of your name

  • I'm a teenager. And I fit the stereotype of liking games. I was introduced to a game called, "Adventure Quest Worlds" by my friend and was hooked on it. When I was creating my character, I thought that the Mage class was pretty cool. I got to the part where I chose my name and my thoughts went something like this. Hmm. What should my name be? I am a mage. OH! It would be cool if I was a mage that controlled coal! Because mages control elements! And coal is kinda an element through carbon! Magicoal! It's a pun! And ever since, I've loved that name. I'm hooked on it. So yeah. That's my story!

    ~Magicoal, your favorite carbon based mage

  • My real name is Emma, and growing up family/friends called me Emz. When I started to get interested in gaming, most games the name Emz was taken as it's a short 3 letter name so I decided to see what I came up with. For some reason I didn't like Emzie, and ended up with Emziie. The irony now is, people use Emziie more than they use Emma. Family and real life friends included.

    And now for me it has a sentimental attachment. I can't see me using anything else.

    Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. <3

  • I love understanding the origin of words. The English language has been influenced by many other languages and this has resulted in some very bizarre and random spelling rules. "Ghoti" is a word that was made up (not by me!) to make fun of English spelling. It is pronounced "fish" .

    Gh is pronounced F as in enouGH

    o is pronounced I as in wOmen

    ti is pronounced SH as in staTIon

    I would have gone for ghoughpteighbteau (potato) but it's a bit tricky to spell!

  • Hello Samisu,

    Laci is fondling my Slavic surname Ladislav, Vladislav. László - Wikipedia

    dd comes from my family name.

    23 has long been my favorite figure: mother was 23 when I gave birth to me
    and my father lived on a particular street no. 23 while he lived ...

    I using that name from my youth. I really like. I feel so young ...!:):saint:<3

  • My name is a variation of my last name in Latin...sort of.
    This is actually a new nickname for me that I am using since I am working in the gaming industry, since my previous nickname was absolutely impossible to pronounce for everyone who isn't German, so I wanted to make sure it's something that everyone can pronounce, which is why I chose a latin word.

    Also Salix is genus of trees (willows) and we had one in my parents garden, so that fits as well^^