Skill Points - Making Leveling up have a Point.

  • At the moment when one levels up, you get a lovely green message saying 'congratz you've leveled up!' and that's literally it, no advantage no bonus no point to aim for it.

    Instead, I fear might have already been suggested I'd expect, how about assignable skill points upon leveling up, like in most RPG games that have a leveling system.

    Suggested format :

    Upon leveling you recieve 2 skill points to be assigned to different areas, they have a small % effect on various things and cost progressively more, so for example 1 skill point for level 1, 2 for level 2, 4 for level 3, 6 for level 4 and so on.

    The various areas;

    Skilled Technician : Helps trains' servicability.
    World Renowned : Gives a % bonus to gained prestige.
    Areodynamic Genius : Gives % bonus to train speed.
    Effecient Engineer : Grants % reduction to train, building and servicing costs.
    Gearhead : Gives % bonus to train acceleration.
    Charismatic : Passengers & goods give % bonus $.
    Architect : Reduces construction times.
    Lucky : Increased chance of gaining lottery ticket when collecting assoc member bonuses.

    The actual bonuses can be small, somewhere between 0.1% and 0.5% so that don't have a large bearing on the game at all however will give people another way of personalising their style of playing, plus give a reason for leveling up.

  • to a city that is growing in level, you can transport directly (no slow transport) the product that will disappear. when the city grows, you get points for your deliveries.

    if you play classic or europe version, you can pay money (or 25 gold) for the passenger wait time. the city grows, you get the points. i keep giving gold (only 100 if possible, but more for later eras when other players also give) per city i am connected, for the passenger wait time, i get points everywhere the city grows!

    i dont know what you mean by no point when the city grows ^^; you can always get some points.

  • You have interesting suggestions!

    I like them :)

    It should be noted that there is a great benefit in raising the level.

    You get career points with which you improve your career train.

    It also brings an emotional delight to being at a high level.

    I see two possible problems:

    1. If the benefit is small, players will not see any sense in this

    2. If the benefit is greater, players will see meaning in this. But that will break the balance. Even now we have a big problem with the balance and the career train.