Hangups and bugs

  • Hi guys It is interesting the different tech probs we have, my worst is the train manager probs. Trains disappearing, sometimes remaining disappeared after 2 to 3 reboots. There was nothing worse in endgame the Train manager probs that were causing me to remain in cities when being called off, sigh, another reboot to fix and going past recalc. I have been stuck parked in cities or only some trains would come out and then another reboot. In the end I was manually moving things in and out. I feel the Train Manager is causing most of my probs. While reading this you might think I am in a world of horrors, but it is very intermittent. It just Pee's me off it always seems to happen when you are in a critical stage of play. (Murphy's law) I would like more attention from RN Tech heads on a Train manager that works properly more for the reason that Plus Paks are paid for.

    I like a lot of others in my association use Google Chrome as a Browser, as advised I consistantly clear chrome's cache, update and clean flash memory, and have tried different browsers (seems to me a generic reply from support what ever goes wrong). After doing all this I like most others I still get these Train manager problems some times causing total hangs.

    While I do not wish to detract from my above Grizzle, I like the new headquater/worker manager, even though a little small it did not take long to get used to and operates a lot quicker specially when wanting to make a quick bid on a worker.

    Cheers HoseBag, Lochness Server

  • Hi HoseBag

    Sorry to hear of these issues and thank you for contacting game support. It helps if you can write them line by line, issue by issue a clear picture of what is happening (issue) and what you expected. It's also good to write what you have tried to fix these issues yourself, what helped and what didn't.

    When support suggests trying different browsers, this is part of finding out if the issue is with a certain browser or somewhere else. It would be much appreciated if you continue to send messages to support and help us in fixing these issues with train manager.

    Happy to hear you like the new HQ and worker manager!

    Have a nice and sunny spring day!

  • Hi Samisu

    We've sent numerous tickets to Support and tried different browsers, clear cache, clear DNS (this a new flavour of answer), rebooted, refreshed.

    When I get the same problem on different computers and now on the browser on the tablet as well, I look for the common ground...

    There are issues since the most recent "performance" update where the Train Manager now freezes in a way that it didn't before. Also I personally didn't have the "blank train list" issue before the recent update and now I do - on all devices.

    We can tinker around with different browsers all day long yada yada, but it won't make a jot of difference to the fact that we're refreshing around once an hour so we can still move trains and play the game.

    Kind Regards

    Toots of Loch Ness and Big Ben

  • Hi Samisu, while I extremely respect your reply, I think you really need to start listening to people in respect to to support problems that have been coming exactly the same way as I explained, not only my association but many people across many associations, not just me, with due respect it is about time we have some improvements in the problems that many people are describing to support instead of the GENERIC answers. While I love this game and appreciate your attention, wouldn't it be better If your CEO's paid more attention to peoples generic complaints for a small part of their profits to make things better. Who knows, this small suggestion miight improve their investment !!!!

  • Alright, I have some answers:

    Empty train list - this bug is known and was fixed. For some reason it reactivated on some accounts so please send reports to game support.

    Freezing Train Manager - no tickets have been sent so we have no idea how many players are affected and how it affects the game. Please send a ticket to support and your help and information will be put into good use. If you know people with the same issue, ask them to send a ticket to support as well and share the details (app or browser / did clearing cache and cookies help).

    We are sorry for the inconvenience, and appreciate all the help and information you can give us. Thank you.

  • I never had the empty train list issue until update 4.14.0, in the middle of April. I was aware that others had this issue, just didn't have it myself. Now I have it.

    Since 4.14.0, after moving trains a couple of times, functionality starts to go, things don't work, everything gets laggy until it gets to a point where almost everything has frozen and I have no option but to refresh.

    One association I'm in is super active and this means all the movies are gone when I refresh, which is really frustrating. As for the bugs with the movies, that's for another thread...