RN2018-7259 - black bar

  • Hi,

    I play with the app on Iphone and I have since the last update an annoying black bar on top of of the screen (not allways). Problem is:that black bar is just on top when you have to close screens. I don't know if other people has that, but there's something wrong in the last update.

  • I have had the same problem as well with this grey bar just under the top bar. The close (x) and back buttons work but not visible. Sometimes there is a small window and arrow icon on it as well in the right hand corner.

  • Saphirus

    Any known issue of the app just freezing in the photograph of the red train and never loading into the login window?

    and in the login window, after entering email and password, not being able to press the login button because it is disabled? Not pressable?

  • Saphirus

    it was not an error ^^;

    i made a mistake and entered as new account, ten it told me this email is already registered, so i returned to original login window to login as existent account, then i entered my email, password but cannot press the login button.

    after the latest update, the login window does not come in anymore, frozen in the photograph of the red train.

  • That is interesting in itself though, since the button seems to work without issues when you try to create a new account.
    We are still investigating what the issue could be. But that should not be part of this topic, this here should be about the gray bar that sometimes shows up.