just a note, not a bug but is a mistake

  • taking the tutorial it is nice an clear as of course you are playing, but after you get into the game, it becomes non evident what to do, all i see is investment, yet i am supposed to set up a schedule for my train... no matter what i do, i cant seem to get a product to deliver, and nothing in the town is red.

    i suggest you go over your tut and the first steps and make sure that it is in fact a good tutorial.

    now of course you are going to assume it is not your mistake it is mine, but then i cant help your failure in estimating feedback, it is not my game, i have my game.

    id suggest a better tutorial, or remove it so people read the help, when i encounter a tutorial i expect it covers the starting of the game not just a sample of what to do but someting that actually is part of the game starting, not middle.

    not choosing scenario ... SCENARiO really??? us an ERRONEOUS error, ok DUDE you should learn proper use of frinkin english, that is INSULING wtf are you for real?

    well i have wasted enough of my time here, ta ta.

  • I'm sorry, I could not understand what your message is about or who you are writing to grummbunger

    Lucy will have a long list of tasks you can do in order or skip to find an easier task. These will show the very basics of the game and will reward you after each task is completed.

    There are 3 scenarios at the moment you can pick from: Classic, Europe and USA. All 3 scenarios will be located on a different map and will play differently. I would suggest you start with either Classic or USA.

    Try finding a scenario that is just about to start or is on the era 1, so you can take your time and learn the game as you go. For example COM-101, USA scenario will start on 2nd of May: COM-101 Rocky Mountains starts 2nd of May

    If you have questions about the game, you can use the in-game chat window or message system - the other Rail Nation players will help you for sure :thumbup: