Unread posts

  • Good evening

    I come here to check new posts and read replies to posts I have interest, but I have so many unread posts, I go see what it is and it is all `landmark 1` `landmark 2` `landmark ....`

    I am not interested in this landmark tournament.

    There is a way to have all the `landmark` posts marked as read? And keep doing it for future landmark tournament posts? I just saw there will be 20 more of them (.>_<.)

    Or do I have to manually click on each one to mark it as read?

  • We need to see this through together :whistling:

    There is a folder icon next to the contest area and next to all other forum areas:

    Double tap the folder when it is dark (unread messages), and all posts/threads in that thread area will be marked as read. I hope this helps at least a little!

  • I cannot see the screen same as you Samisu

    But I went to Moderated Contests topic with the black folder, entered it and now shows as all read!!

    Thank you!!


    I will do this always when the landmark posts accumulate!! ^^;

  • Me too Yuky ( I can't see the screen as Samisu).


    Open the window "unreaded post", then just a clik on checkmark (at the right):