Let's talk about Rail Nation - Origin Journey

  • Okay,

    Time to hear what you think of Origin Journey? How has it started, enough players? How do you like the map? The new goods, had a chance to transport those yet? Anything that comes to mind?

    We are gathering feedback, and all comments are much appreciated!

  • Mhm, also after refresh?

    I see the new good on the map :/

    I knew I was forgetting something, but after refresh still only wood, grain, coal, iron ore, boards and cattle...

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  • I would say :

    probably too many people right now, we will see in a few days (I would love playing a SoE or USA scenario with that many people, but for a classic I don't think it's really necessary, + we risk seeing 10 cities group into 1 (because people are used to do that in a "regular" scenario with 1000 people, so they will do it here, but we are 3000, so the number of people in some cities will be ridiculous).

    the origin map is quite nice, I don't think the new goods will change a lot the game >>> why not use this map as a "rotation" for the classic map ? It's the same rules, etc. We could have a server with rotating classic maps from game to game for example. Once the normal map, once the origin, etc.

    Apart from that... It's a new classic map. What else is there to say ?^^

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  • why started a second russian server because of the high interest and no second com server?

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  • i have a question about city level.Normaly when you have enough goods the city bars must be green.but even if we haul more than normal quantity the city bars remain yellow and city doesn't level.is something changed on this server)

    thank you.


    i saw that we need more than usual goods quantity to level a city.may i know the reason.? think the almost 1700t more than minimum goods needed to level a city is little too much.

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  • Bug somewhere is stopping me add a level one to my association, even though my newbie slot is open

    I didn't see it also right away, was creating a ticket. But you need to open the players profile to accept a beginner. There you see the promote beginner option

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    If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is he homeless or naked?

  • Hei hawk47

    I just Copy my own Text to explain :)

    On the origin journey server the cities really fast Leveled up to level 3. The Game has a regulation, that when your city levels really fast in the first days, the city consumption could be up to 30%. So you really need to deliver the goods nearly completely, to level up.



  • Levelling up surprised me. I expected to have time to start my EH on level 6 before getting 600 prestige, so didn't use my starter pack voucher. Was afk for an hour and when I returned I had gained 150 prestige from industry and city levels so my voucher was useless, being now on 610 prestige :(.

  • Not a complaint, just an observation …

    Don't know how this works out for other cities though looking at the map it looks as though it might be quite varied, but Bremen, where I landed, seems quite a long way from any other city … takes a lot of connecting track.

  • Copy and paste my last message in Frankfurt Forum, topic "RG Discussion":

    Last consumption: Iron ore became green at recalc so (5.700/4.020) we need +42% on city consumption limit to beat it!

    It's a never seen thing!

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    Comment and suggest:

    It's time to seriously revise the parameters of city consumption: 101 players with 7 Rhino stuck at level 4 and the same situation occurs in all cities. So it's not a game, it's a suffering.

  • Gico :

    If not for this limitation, you would hit level 8 after 4 days and be stuck for 10 days.

    Advice : try to connect a second city with your association, less populated, so that you can go into that second city when the first becomes too difficult to level up. It will get better in a few days.

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    en pause indéterminée - away from the game until next interesting server

    Likely coming back for clash!