Not being counted as a member in Association

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  • Hello players,

    There is a bug in the game affecting some of you. Members are not always fully counted as members of association/corporation. This can be seen when investing in industries, and then a team member's investment is counted against the association.

    Another way to see this bug is from association page, where system will say that a player has left the association while in fact he is still a member.

    What is causing this bug? Player has an invitation to join association, and he also applies to join the association. You can avoid this issue by waiting to be accepted to join the association, depending on if you sent an application or received an invitation (never both).

    How to fix the bug? You need to leave the association and then rejoin (24 hour cooldown if you just joined).

    If this bug is active and you enter endgame, it may lead to Prestige Points not being counted for you and your investments in industries may count against your team.

    We have releases a fix with the last update, and would like to apologize for the frustration this bug has caused.

    Your Rail Nation team

  • mhm okay, that sounds not good. Thanks for the informations!

    Do you remember how you joined association Did you have an invitation AND an application for the association? and did they accept you or did you join?

  • Wir haben das selbe problem, der user wird in der gs angezeigt und bonies können wir sammeln nur die invests sind nicht unserer gs gutgeschrieben. GS ist pkp warschau, user ist BMWschubser und der server ist holstentor (express). Mein englisch ist nicht wirklich gut aber habe ich das richtig verstanden, wir sollen ihn kicken und ihn nach 24 stunden neu laden?

  • Ich hatte das Problem auch schon mal. Das Mitglied muss die GS verlassen und dann neu eingeladen werden. Die Sperre kann man umgehen wenn zwischen seinem letzten Beitritt zu euch und dem neuen Beitritt 24 Stunden liegen.

  • This problem needs to be at the top of your list to correct. The fact that it has been around since the beginning of May is ridiculous. And frankly the response of "I'm sorry for the inconvenience." that I received with no compensation or attempt to remedy the situation was insulting.

    You should all know how your game works and how big of an impact not getting endgame prestige can have on a player AND their team. Endgame prestige can a huge percentage of prestige received in a game, and this bug does not just impact the individual player but also their corporation.


    *The player does not get gold rewarded for any prestige they would have earned from endgame prestige.

    *Not getting endgame prestige could impact the number of "stars" they get from the game.

    *Not getting endgame prestige could impact their ranking which in turn impacts progress in the career/points towards career engine upgrades

    *It could impact their personal record which is really just about pride, but it shouldn't be discounted.


    *The fact that a player's hauling does not count towards corporation hauling could cause the corp to be ranked lower on a good. Dropping from number 1 hauling corporation to number 2 hauling corporation means that prestige (and therefore awarded gold) drops for every single member of the corp.

    *One player not receiving endgame prestige could push a corporation out of 1st place or top 10 place for the game. This affects every player in the corporations permanent record and again impacts the career and any points they may have earned.

  • I have a player who was lost to the association and lost his avatar he wants to rejoin but I am told he is too old his handle is marklee and he wants to rejoin dallas rn fun itsi mportant as we are just into mega city level