Songs I would sing in Karaoke


    Rules are simple:

    • Visit YouTube and find a song you would sing in Karaoke
    • Copy the video link to this thread
    • One video per post, or two if you find the karaoke version as well ;-)
    • Did you sing it already or are you still planning?
    • Would you sing it more than once?
  • YouTube

    First of all: the idea of singing ... if I do it, the room is empty immediately .. maybe the forum too. Would not do it in public.

    About my YT-choice:

    That's the one, that actually during these days I DO sing or hum ... when I am all alone.

    So yes, more than once. (but only for me)

    It's an old one, more than 20 years. The language is Plattdeutsch ... a German dialect they use at the coasts of the North Sea.

    The title "Rainbow Kids" or "Rainbow Children" ... not in the meaning of modern esotheric helicopter parents ... but as a metaphor of love (when the sun (a she in German) gives a child to the rain (a he in German)) and the ability of kids who can laugh, even if they are sad and cry and how there is a rainbow above us, when we are able to change from sadness to happiness.

    I really love this song, the easy melody and the motivation to get over any kind of problems and sadness.

    Kindern erzählen wir Geschichten, damit sie einschlafen.

    Erwachsenen, damit sie aufwachen.

  • YouTube

    Here's an even older one by Billy Fury - Once Upon a Dream

    I like to sing this every now and then, it's timeless and there's something familiar to it even if you hear it for the first time. Short little good mood song.

  • YouTube

    karaoke is japanese thing and one of my most loved hobbies \(^^)/

    this song 366日 (366 days ) was and still is big big hit, famous song here, by band called HY (one of my favorite bands! )

    I sing every week, several days a week a karaoke and so many songs, but i choose to post this one because i won karaoke tournament singing it.

    i apologize that is maybe unkown romantic song to the rest of the world and maybe boring.

    i dont really sing american songs o^_^o