RN2018-4719 City tournament error

  • Good morning

    Yesterday evening was the city tournament at JP01.

    Our city (Dori) was in first place and when the tournament finished and we got the tournament window informing the tournament is finished and giving the placement of each city, Dori was first place (as it had been for all the 2 hours)

    But when we got the notification message in our message boxes, it came as second, and the money we are receiving is 1.5 (second place prize).

    At least 10 people out of 25 association members were online and saw.

    How can a game error harm us of having the 1st place prize and receive the 2.0 money for 24 hours?

    Is there a possibility of reviewing this?



    Thank you

  • Hei YUKI!

    This should be the bug that when in the last moment of a competition, the ranking changes, the pop up does not show the final score.

    The ranking in the system message is the correct one.

    I noted the bug number to the problem in the title.



  • thank you very much for your time clarifying this, Pia_BF (o^_^o)

    i was not aware there is this bug. and our teammates were not aware too, because they were also surprised. we had not seen this before.

    ok, i will pass your information in our association, and give sad new we lost the ranking at last moments ^^;

    thank you again!