• Hello,

    It's been a while since I played my last round of RN. I just started on a new server and I noticed many things have changed in the interface.

    Like the widgets in the lower left corner. I clicked on the PLUS sign and added Trains (don't know why, but when I see a button I need to click it)

    So I added Trains to widgets. And I saw all the trains I had at the time.

    But now we are in era 2; I moved all Falcons to the museum and bought Lynx's. In the widget it only shows my Career and bonus trains and 1 single Lynx. My new Bonus train (pax) for era 2 doesn't show either.

    I clicked the plus button again and added another Trains to the widgets. But this one is completely empty.

    So what's up with this widgets? and ... can I remove them? .. and if .. how?

  • Ik moet toegeven dat ik de widget alleen gebruik voor mijn associatie, om snel de bonussen te verzamelen en te zien wie een volledige bank heeft

    ik ook maar soms is hij dan helemaal leeg als ik uit een ander scherm kom

  • I must admit I only use the widget for my association, in order to quickly collect the bonusesand see who has a full bank

    My main usage also. The only other thing I use it for is a quick glance at what competitions are coming up next. The association widget I have up always … the competition one I open when I come on line, glance at, then close it again.