• - how do you earn them?

    Seriously I can't find anything on what is required to earn them

    Also what does the single star at the top of your career ranking number mean as some have one and some don't?

  • Hei The Hon Sec

    Just a short summary:

    Wood: Level 1 - 3

    Bronze: Level 4 - 6 (from 150 points)

    Platinum: Level 7 - 9 (from 800 points)

    Platinum with star: Level 10 - 12 (from 2,000 points)

    Gold: from level 13 (from 4,100 points)

    1 star: once in the Top 1000

    2 stars: once in the Top 100

    3 stars: once in the Top 10

    4 stars: once winner of the game round

    5 stars: at least two times winner of the game round

    The Golden Star at the top is for First-Class members.

    Hope I could help :)



  • Copied from Facebook:

    First Class is a token of our gratitude for enduring loyalty and active involvement in Rail Nation!

    Highly active and loyal players will eventually join First Class and retain this status permanently.

    So – to become a member and gain access to the exclusive production series that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game, simply continue to play Rail Nation!