Career stars

  • Hei The Hon Sec

    Just a short summary:

    Wood: Level 1 - 3

    Bronze: Level 4 - 6 (from 150 points)

    Platinum: Level 7 - 9 (from 800 points)

    Platinum with star: Level 10 - 12 (from 2,000 points)

    Gold: from level 13 (from 4,100 points)

    1 star: once in the Top 1000

    2 stars: once in the Top 100

    3 stars: once in the Top 10

    4 stars: once winner of the game round

    5 stars: at least two times winner of the game round

    The Golden Star at the top is for First-Class members.

    Hope I could help :)



  • Copied from Facebook:

    First Class is a token of our gratitude for enduring loyalty and active involvement in Rail Nation!

    Highly active and loyal players will eventually join First Class and retain this status permanently.

    So – to become a member and gain access to the exclusive production series that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game, simply continue to play Rail Nation!