Cant enter the game

  • he server JP01 was running, all players affected and I did not receive any presents....


    The compensation is awarded region by region by the persons responsible for that region. So it doesn't necessarily happen at the same time in every region. Especially in those regions that are very small (JP being one of them) it can take a bit longer. But we'll make sure it's done in all affected regions, don't worry about that.

  • I have started servers by entering through the email they sent saying if I enter using the email i will receive a present ... and I never received.

    If this happens to you (or anyone else), please contact our customer support. Either something went wrong on our end or on yours, but we will be able to verify the issue and if you are eligible, add you the present.

  • I have just received the pop-up on Loch Ness but didn't receive the items, so have raised a ticket

    All players were compensated, but the compensation did not come at the exact same moment as the compensation message.

    I just visited my avatar at COM202 - Loch Ness and everything was added correctly.

    Still, good thing you checked with support just to be sure :saint: