train stops running at 96% condition

  • One of my trains stops running after I've been logged in for awhile. It's at 96% condition and is stuck at the cattle farm. Wait time is 1:20. I waited 5:00 and the train details still said speed was 0 km/hr. I logged out and then back in, and it started running again. Why does this happen? What can I do to stop it from happening?

  • Refresh the game once in a while ;)

    This happens to me too sometimes, and when it does I also have been logged in for some time. Trains are actually still running but it looks like they are loading at a industry forever. Fortunately F5 is enough to get everything back to normal.

    Btw. For a smoother gameplay it is necessary to refresh regularly (depending on your own activity, e.g. Endgame (at least) once an hour)

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