Hotel fails to pay video bonus

  • This came up in a discussion on our server too. Turns out, the prestige is not added to your total right away.

    It is added to the bonus square below the video. The next time the bonus becomes available and it is clicked, only then is your prestige from the earlier video added. You can also then watch a new video... same process.

    I believe this is correct. You can look at your bonus prestige amount and add the video amount. Watch the video, then look again at your bonus amount and see if it changed by the correct (video) amount.

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

  • Thank you sir, you are correct. I never looked at the bonus square when it was grayed out, only after it turned green.

    On a side note, they made me watch an add for beer and bourbon scented soap. pffft... Just what I want, soap that makes me smell like an old bar rag.