Preregistration on Steam Over Europe

  • This is the text submitted in my latest ticket on Big Ben but I think this issue is common to all SOE servers:

    "As always, preregistration to next round becomes a lottery: I asked to an old game mate where we could play next round together and when I received his answer I figured that Region was already overcrowded in every city.

    This means everyone can't leave this game for some months without being kicked out of strategic choice.

    Due the importance of Region choice in this kind of game, the only result is this: preregistration helps strong teams to become stronger, round after round.

    To get a place in that Region I'll wait when on my PC screen the five red X of cities will disappear, and this can happen only 72 hrs after game start: tell me if these rules are made to balance competition equity or increase disequality.


    I wrote these words more than a year ago in Italian section of this forum: nothing is changed.

    SOE is a strange game round: most part of game is constricted in Regions borders and players who can't join in crowded Region never will be able to reach top 5 ones to obtain a career achievement.