Strange Wait Times

  • I am really confused by the Wait Times on the Origin server. My association has the majority and I have invested the most $$, so it would be reasonable to presume I would have the lowest WT. However #2 who is in a different association has half my wait and another person in my association has half of their WT.

    How does this work?

  • newbie wait-times are crazy low. That's why the 4-day newbie bonus is the most under-rated thing from the super-starter package.

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  • It has for sure to do with the newbiestatus.

    Those 48 hours (96 with superstarterspackage) starts running when a player opens a gameworld…..

    …. you can conclude that player #1, #3 and #5 in this investment-ranking started playing OJ some time earlier than player #2 and #4.

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  • Here a simular result, the second highest investor has a waittime of more than 3x as the nr. 3 investor with less investment. This are players from the same asso and no newbie status left.

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