Favorite industries

  • I would like to see an option to favorite industries. Why? Because that makes it easier to follow when the industry I care for have low waittime. Its possible to check lowest wt on industries in facilities rankin -> time, but when connected to several cities, its becomming useless, as there are many unimportant industries with low wt.

    Make a star-button in the right corner of industry window, then add a favorites tab on industry rankings window. Maybe make a filter that filters out non-RGs etc.

  • -1

    If we used favourite industries the high payers, like iron would be favourited by all and the low earners ignored.

    I can imagine very well that this is thought by more players, but if we all are going to do this, it has some consequences:

    1. if the low earners are ignored , a city (or landmark) won't levelup, and new and better paying goods won't get available

    2. prices of favourite goods will drop and after a while the low earners will generate more income than the favourite goods

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  • Sniffa: Not necessarily. I use to keep an eye on chains. Even if its a chain with low earning goods, I still think its profittable enough to make me go for it, if the wt is low enough. I feel that mostly newcomers think that they should go for the top earning goods all the time. I tend to look after the goods not choosen by many, as I know the prestige might get higher, as my hauling get closer to the top haulers in city, and the wt is often lower, as the occupancy is lower.