• Just started game how do you reserch to build better engine?

    Hi, I hope you found an answer already?

    There is a research tree and you need to gather research points by upgrading the Laboratory. Lucy, the lady with the exclamation mark in the right side menu will have tasks for you and by following those (or skipping) you will learn where everything is :)

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  • Dear Administrators,

    I play Big Ben - Europe.

    I noticed that some players with engine hous level 7 have 10 trains.

    7 trains of regular and career train total of 8 trains.

    They bought Red Kite and have a total of 9 trains.

    However, they have a Primus train that doesn't exist either to buy or to explore through technology.

    At the start they have a great advantage with ten trains.

    Can you educate me how to get Primus??

  • At the Moment you win the Train Primus with each Buy of Gold.

    Sorry for the bad englisch

    To be exact:

    At the moment you will get the Primus when you buy gold for the first time during a running gameworld.

    :engine1: NL01 Stoomketel :engine1: NL201 Euromast :engine1: COM202 Loch Ness :engine1: ES201 El Escorial :engine1:

  • Thank you for your answers.

    The next problem is how to get to the game organizer?

    When purchasing any product in the game, it is necessary to enable players from Bosnia and Herzegovina to pay by telephone and also to players from Serbia.

    We also want to spend our money like other players, but we don't have that chance.