No Internet: Origin Jouney/Lake Constance

  • So tell me what is wrong with this picture? If I am not connected to the internet, how is it I am even getting this error popup? I am getting this error message repeatedly. Almost every time my screen times out this error pops up, and sometimes when trying to do some other action.

  • here I get this in all servers. It makes me refresh the game, then it runs normally.

    my husband also gets this message in all servers he plays, but only if he is inactive for about one hour.

    it must be an error certainly, because the computer is always connected to the internet.

  • Don´t know what is happening but 2 hours ago everything was fine but now can´t log in on any server.

    After clicking to log in , the screen turns black and flashes continuously between the black screen and the opening server screen, never allowing me to play.

    Also refresh the browser and cleaned all the cache and still goes the same….

    All the other sites and net traffic is pretty fine.

    Bottom line:

    One server in the EG stage and the other 2 on the regular Eras and can´t play them.

    Can I get some help on this, please?