• How do you find a sitter and how do you fix traction force?

    You can ask any player to be your sitter, but better of course if you know the person somehow or have played together before. Remember also to check what rights you are giving to your sitter.

    How to fix traction force? Engines can be maintained (fixed) if their condition is not at its peak, and more traction force can be researched (more wagons). If you follow the tasks given by Lucy, you will find all the basic menus in the game and how to use them. ^^

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  • Find the sitter worthless now with those 15 days, it works only on irritation and it is very frustrated. The old system was much better, than had the second sitter still utility. Not any more, it is now really a fiasco.

  • it's not 15 days, its 30 and I disagree that it is a fiasco. The reason the time limit (30 days) was added was to prevent some of the multi account holders from taking the easy way and starting extra accounts and just use the sitting feature all the time. There are changes I would make to the sitting process but that isnt one of them. Also, it prevents people from just leaving their accounts with someone to take care of all the time, this is very annoying.

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  • Again it is not very fine those irritating fifteen days, that you can set up the sitter. It just does not work will be happy if the extended throw off that is also to 30 days or 15 days. This is what I call just members bullying, because really decent you can help them. Because the age 6 weeks is, is those 15 days a fiasco. And if you computer chrasht, hoppa are you equal an extra day well great but not real.

  • I agree that this time is pretty short and i also know players who needs for more time a sitter but we all have to thank this of the group of players who abused this sitteroptions, players who make an account go off line give all the rights to the sitter and come back in the endgame or as roadkill said multi accounts who played the whole server through the sitteroption so they can't be catched.

  • if you read through the forum you see daily posts about multi accounts, fake accounts etc. But very less is done to avoid it. Evidence is presented and still 99% of the cheaters can continue. And harmless "cheaters" get banned.


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  • That makes the play so I snap but for some players it's really not fun anymore, and no longer to a sitter questions because that has no use. Or they stop with it and so you are again good members.

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  • I tend to agree with the comments that the sitting limit has some merits. It does stop players disappearing & leaving you holding their accounts for weeks on end which has happened to me & additionally it does try to address one of the multi-account options.

    There is no perfect solution but I think this is reasonable - it allows just over 4 weeks out on a standard server & if a player will miss more than this in any one round then probably they should skip the round.

    And 30 days is enough to allow for unforeseen illness/admission to hospital etc in all but the most serious of situations.

    All of us would like to see the multi-account issue dealt with more aggressively but we must all just continue to report suspicious cases & allow the team to investigate. Proving someone is operating behind a VPN is very difficult and until the technology improves it will remain a frustration I guess

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