I can't change my hometown.

  • I.ve been a mayor but i get revoked.

    I want to change my hometown but i can;t because im involved in political activity.

    But when i chack this i can't find anything.

    Who can helpme to change my hometown?

  • You tell, you checked it .... but - my first guess - are you sure you cancelled being a canditate for mayor, cabinet and/or president?

    If you did,the next step would be to relog and try again.

    And if it still doesn't work, contact support.

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  • It counts only for mayor or the citycouncel, you can check this in the city on the mayor section politics you can withdraw from the function they gave you. If you don't see your name there you can send a ticket to support, then they can check it in a special program.

  • Well, Perdita, I am happy to hear the good news from Gieske too.

    However, my idea about the problem is, that the software itself does not reset the intermal mayor setting when revoked ... but needs to be reset by clearing caches and cookeis and probably session settings too.

    So, my thinking is: It's a bug, when a player no longer is mayor and cannot change home town immediately (what buf free software should do) ... we too often have to wait for cookies, caches and session settings timing out. So my suggestion is to have someone of the quality or progger team look at this problem too.

    Homo forensis, der gemeine Forenuser ... eine erstaunliche Spezies.