Joining cities for passenger transportation.

  • Hi all.

    I'm sure it's a simple thing I'm missing..... At what point in the game do your lines connect to another city to allow passenger transportation?

    Many thanks.

  • Cities must be level 5 to need passengers. Depending on the scenario/server you play that will be within a few days from start, but it can also be 2 weeks before your city/neighbouring cities reach level 5.

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  • When your city is lvl 14 your city needs passengers and for that you have to been connected with a second city and you need to buy special passengertrains.

    For the passengertrains you need next to free spots in your Engine House also level your stationhal. So when you want to buy 3 passengertrains you need to have 3 free spots in your Engine House and to have your stationhal on level 3.