Supporters wanted for COM&US!

  • Dear players,

    the Rail Nation team is looking for new volunteer collaborators for the Supporter position, in the English speaking domains (COM/US).

    What does a Supporter do?

    A Supporter is an Agent that assist other players when they contact Support in game (answering to general game questions, bug reports, player reports etc.)

    General requirements

    - Minimum age: 18 years

    - Very good level of English (written)

    - Good knowledge of the game (>1 scenario is a plus)

    - Good knowledge of working with computer applications (you will have to learn to use the game's applications)

    - Be willing to help players and communicate with your colleagues from Support on a daily basis

    - You will need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

    What do we offer?

    - The chance to contribute and learn more about the game you play

    - An unique chance to look behind the scenes of one of Germany's biggest browser game company

    - The chance to gain experience in Customer Service

    Already part of another team?

    - No problem! The only thing you have to take into consideration is that you need the approval of your current supervisor. Include into your application that you are part of another team and say which one.


    - Full name, date of birth, location (country).

    - For how long have you been playing Rail Nation? Please mention the account name and the servers (including the domain).

    - What performance did you achieve in the servers you played? For example, position in the rankings, if you were the chair of your association, president in the region -- any detail you consider worth mentioning.

    - What motivates you to become a member of the Rail Nation team?

    - How much time can you spend on this activity per day?

    - What are your expectations for this position?

    - Mention anything else that may help you in becoming a member of the Rail Nation Team.

    - Your E-mail address

    - Your Skype ID

    You can send your application to me via private message in forum, or you can send it to Support, in game. Make sure you have English language set in game, so that it arrives to the correct Support team.

    There is no due date for applications, unless I will post again in this thread, saying that the applications have been closed.

    If you have any questions, you can contact me as mentioned above (private message or at Support).

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


    Customer Service Representative

    Rail Nation COM & US