Quote from the past

  • The 19th century has just begun and Richard Trevithick's new cumbersome locomotives 'Pen-y-darren' and 'Catch Me Who Can' would change the world. Richard's misfortune was that he invented his machines 20 years before the world was ready to use them, and died pennilessly.

    Trevithick's inventions were noticed by a well known historical figure, and now your task is to unscramble a quote of his and tell who this great man was.

    Rules are simple

    1. Unscramble and rearrange the quote above consisting of 25 "5-character words", spaces included.
    2. Write the correct quote and the name the person who once said it by answering to this thread.
    3. Add the name of your game world in your answer so we know where to send the prize. Only answers with a game world mentioned will take part in prize draw.


    • 200 Gold + 2 engine coupons to 5 random players with the correct answer.

    This thread is moderated, and answers will be revealed once the contest is over. Contest runs until Sunday 16th of June, 10 pm UTC.

    Good luck everyone!