End of Era

  • Hi there,

    Hopefully this is in the right place. What happens at the end of the game with engines you have purchased with gold. I am talking about the bonus engines. Do they disappear or come with you in a new game?

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    What Tobias means is with a lotterie ticket or a bonus-engine-competition.

    And there is the possibility to win a bonusengine when redeeming the 14th surprise loginbonus.

    you can also win bonus locs with a full trainspotter set

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  • You start new again.

    You start with your Carreertrain and your gold.

    If you buy in the endgame a starterpackage that comes along too, it activates itself at new start.

    So you wipe out and start in a clean place..

    Doing it better as you did before or make the same (or different) mistakes.

  • I'm asking here because it's related. At the end of an ERA, not a game, what happens? Do you lose everything? Or is that only for the end of a game?

    At the end of the era nothing happens, you keep everything you have for the next era. Unless it's the end of era 6, then you get Endgame.

  • At the start of the new era you can upgrade your engine house for a couple of levels and there ar new goods coming in the game as soon a city levels and you can devolep the new trains of that era, that's the only thing that happens at the eraswitch