Fake players on JP01

  • I've just had the same experience on my server.

    A carrier one "new player" took a name similar to "new pseudo", with an assoc name clearly indicating his anger at the support. And invested a slight 45M in one of our industries, in era 4. No trains, no nothing.

    Awesome. I guess I might start doing the same thing to my opponents on the SoE server, since apparently there is no other option.

    Do not bother contacting support because they do not do anything about it.

    The situation at the Japanese server was never solved, none of us got any update from game staff, another round started, and now we have player sending obscene private messages, reported to support staff several days ago, never got a reply...

    The situation obviously got out of hand, they are unable to deal with disruptive players, fake or real and their solution??? They are closing the Japanese server.

    There will be no more Japanese server after this last round finishes.

    Very, very frustrating!!

  • Hi,

    I would like to fix a couple misunderstandings:

    Multi-accounts on JP1 were removed, and thus the situation was resolved.

    The Japanese domain being closed has nothing to do with the previous round or players who broke the rules. Merging domains and closing those that have too few players is completely normal.

    When you contact game support, we will act based only on information/facts. Please keep sending tickets to support with information/proof of rule breakers. We will search for more details ourselves, but it always helps when players point to the right direction.

    Updates from staff: When you contact game support, we will reply to your ticket. We never contact players (spontaneously) to tell them we have punished or banned someone. All tickets will (or should) be answered, and the team will look into the ticket that got no reply. If you would like to help us ★YUKI★ please copy/paste the obscene text you received and send another ticket to game support - just to be sure the issue will be resolved.

  • There is another way.

    More rewards to "actives" players. By "actives" i mean that you can't have multi account and get online evrytime on each at the same time, that's physically impossible, you still need to clic with your mouse...

    More rewarding to offline player too that have a "positive" behaviour, hauling RG, leveling cities, hauling passenger,

    More rewarding by completing more competition, city-competiton, etc...

    How ?


    1- today you play a lot actively doing rushes for hours to help your city lvl up.

    The day after, when you get your daily cash bonus you earn a cash multiplier bonus x1,2 for the whole day because of it. (rewarding)

    2- you help level the city again (for example by hauling 10% of global need). you just won 1pt towards your city buider personal rank. Good, now you're level 12 and it give you a bonus for your deliveries & even better, a decrease in waiting time because your doing well. This can be used for passenger as well, hauling more passenger give you a pax city rank that give usefull benefit. When the Game is over, those rank go back to 0.

    i can imagine hundreds of ideas like that, that could resolve the problem of multi by raising the advantage of playing "positively" and actively. it can be applied to evrything cash gain, waiting time, engines, research, construction, investissement, ... it's unlimited.

  • Let's take for example the Landmark :

    You invest cash to level up the LM, 50M while other invest 0.

    you are rewarded for all the whole next level by a bonus to futur prices (same system as licence but only for the LM lvl)

    and why not the same thing for hauling 1st in grain in the LM :

    rewarded for the whole next level by a reduced waiting time in this specific closest factory and reduce investement price.

    there will be positive benefits because you will see player focus on specific goods to get better ranking instead of hauling evrything evrywhere for few prestige point and causing more harm than beeing really usefull. (Multi account will be useless, they will never be abble to achieve this sort of bonus).

    etc... etc...