Change in Sitter system

  • The current system is a bit thin.

    I understand it is in place to make sure sitters don't abuse another account and technically use it as a dual account, but now the accounts of working people without much time to login are way behind.

    What I suggest is to either be able to set the 15/30 days for each sitter (and after the 15/30 days another sitter can take over).

    Or, extend it to 30/60 days. It'll be just a bit more over half the server duration, and the accounts with lesser active players can still contribute to CC's or the end game.

  • I agree with you Muchacho, sitting should again be possible the entire 3 months.

    There are enough multi account on all servers. I think the check on a sitter account should be easy done. The sitter needs to have a different IP adress as the sittee. This can checked.

    People playing by VPN can't checked according to Travian. So they will keep playing with multi accounts. The entire reason to avoid playing with multi accounts is not relevant. The true and honest players are punished again. I have seen people leave the game by this new sitter rule.


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  • Howdy,

    this same wish was actually brought up in past discussions ever since the update: Changelog for Update 4.10.0 was introduced.

    You can search through the past conversations with keyword 'sitter' (old threads were moved to Archives). This wish has been forwarded a few months back, but it would be interesting to hear if anything has changed since then?

  • Another thing to consider as a pro for the new sitter system is that there are players who abuse the system in another way. That is that they start a round, get a sitter, then abandon their account to the sitter who is now left just maintaining an account that is not their own. I have had this happen multiple times and the new system actually inspires the players to return and manage their own accounts way more often. Just something to think about.

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  • the babysitter must be able to give money to the worker.

    this is most important!!

    if i am busy and trust a friend/ teammate to be my babysitter of my account, i trust he will make my game contribute for the association!! And this is being able to give money to the worker!!!!!