RN2018-4253: Stop Sitting Error

  • Senario opens with a Stop Sitting button which generates You have used prohibited word error. Cannot get into game

    This happens regularly on all 3 servers I play... Com 03, Com 202, US 101...

    Sometimes continuing to try to refresh lets you back in but more often you have to return to lobby and start again... Even then, I have had this more than once from Lobby.

  • Now this AM that error cost me 2 comps to this time of day, one was Gold account plus 20 gold. How do I know? I always complete in 3 1/2 min or less and winner took 8 min! FIX the ERROR please!

  • Hi guys,

    thanks for the report! However we're aware of the mentioned bug and it's listed in our system. The reason why this hasn't been fixed yet is simply that we haven't found a way to reproduce it yet and therefore have no clue about it's cause. Sometimes we try to fix stuff hit or miss, but alas, it doesn't always work. We're sorry that this causes problems for you.

    Kind Regards,