Roles, rights and responsibilities

  • Hello everyone,

    I have a special topic and also a request for you.

    Going through all the different roles in Rail Nation, what do you think are the responsibilities and rights of each role?

    Once those are clear, who would like to create a guide, simple or more detailed, for the different roles?


    • President
    • Mayor
    • City Council
    • Chair
    • Deputy
    • Member

    Do some of these roles and responsibilities change depending on the scenario you are playing?

    Is there a right way to be a Mayor or a wrong way to be a President? How about the other roles?

  • Well, I think chair, debuty and member are the same in every scenario.

    As a chair you have to take care of "your" association.

    - Hire new member, activly

    - Sort out inactive member

    - Be a kind of leader and mentor to the member

    - Take care for a good mood in the association

    - Be able to discuss things. Not everything what the chair says is good for the association.

    - Be able to learn

    As a debuty, you are a debuty. Do things like your chair would do them. That's it.

    As a member you've got the freedom do everything you want to do. No need to follow "server-rules" except RN rules. That's it.

    I don't know much about president or the rest. I only played on round Europe scenario, and I don't like it...

  • Chair:

    For me a chair is a person who is leading an association together with the deputies. A chair is negotiating with other chairs and deputies about city plans, level ups, city competitions etc. Has contact with other chairs if things needs to be settled, e.g. a member is breaking a majority.


    A deputy is the right hand of a chair and can be pointed as spokes person when the chair is absent. Deputies can get specific roles e.g. leading a city competition, level up. Recruiting new members etc.


    Members are very valuable players. Together with the leading people they build the city, hire workers toghether, teach newbies.

    All together will build a good and strong association and city.

    All three kinds of players can be callers during the endgame.

    The SOE roles I'm not familiar with. But what I hear so now and then I don't like the rights a president and major have. They can influence the game in a very bad way.

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  • President : organises the region into one big strategy, decides on the landmark and city consumption bonuses, alongside some deputies. As a role of mediator in the region between the different corps. Has to prepare the endgame strategy as well (or ask someone to do it). (in which city, the general level of the cities, which industries to grow, etc).

    Most tiring job, when done fully. Has to know that he must rely on his 10 helpers, otherwise he will just spend endless hours trying to handle everything.

    Mayor : chooses the next goods and reduces consumption on one good. Does the main strategy-calling.

    City council : chooses the next goods and reduces consumption on one good, when the mayor himself is not there. Particularly useful in the EG.

    Chair : founder and main person of reference for the corp. Will decide of every matter, alongside some deputies. Basically a diplomat, and has a lot of messages to handle.

    Deputy : assist the chair in some specific roles. You are a person of reference for anybody outside the corp as well. If the chair is not present, people can talk to you for matters related to the association.

    Member : follow the rules of the association you are in (some are "free for all", some are "city-oriented", others "region-oriented", and so on). But you don't have as much weight as a deputy in the corp, for outsiders.

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