The length of breaks between Server ends and starts

  • Era 1 is busy all the time 'cause all you do in era 1 is finding a route which brings most money, and it changes every hour.

    you actually have different strategies, and it strongly depends on the scenario. I agree with you for classic (who plays classic?) and to some extent on USA. But for Europe, making money in era 1 is definitely not your main concern (or you want to make money while developping the landmark, which gives you periods of low income where you don't need to be around).

    at the end, people that want to win the server will be online a lot even in era 1 (those videos are gold in era 1 !), and others might not need to be around a lot even until era 6.

    Personnally, I do prefer "shorter" breaks (10 days is fine, but more would be too much) because I know I cannot play fully on 2 servers, and then if I have to wait for 1 month for my server to restart, it might be too much.

    Fr-201 Bad Wolf de coeur

    en pause indéterminée - away from the game until next interesting server

    Likely coming back for clash!

  • I think it is more important to know predictive day of week when the server will start. Many players prefer to play on servers with EG on weekend, but some others prefer workdays instead. Pre-registration requires to start server before EG will start while next round date announce usually appears when EG already started. Pre-register on every available server is a very bad solution :D Some time ago every server had started every round at the same day of week (so we can guess when server will start again) but now that simple schedule is not kept.

  • As i see the comments that we often get in the chats i think about a week is the best time. Wait to long and the players gets impatient, there are a lot of players who play on only 1 server. For me i think a week after the endgame is finished i want to start again on that server and i mostly play on 3 servers and some testservers.