Let's discuss the scenario survey

  • Hello everyone,

    Have you seen the survey that was sent out this week? Of course we hope you all participated, and if not, there is still time to do so.

    If you did not receive this survey, feel free to use this thread to share your hopes and wishes for a new scenario theme, and also features you would like to see!

    The outcome is not known yet, but in the meantime we would like to know what you think of these possible scenario/map locations:

    • Africa
    • Berlin
    • China
    • Great Britain
    • India
    • Russia and Germany
    • Russia, Mongolia, China
    • The future
    • The Orient Express

    Please leave us your comments, feedback, anything that is on your mind in an open discussion.

    We are looking forward to it.

    Your Rail Nation team

  • I especially loved the few propositions that exposed the possibility for new strategic options (the China silk road, implying you might have to transfer goods from one corner to the other).

    I personnally need new challenges in the game, and I know a few friends who feel the same. The harbour mechanic in Steam over Europe is way under-used, so some goods lacking in parts of the world is the next step already half-implemented, that I would love. (basically having to trade those few rare goods with another region, while you give them the ones they need in turn).

    Something that forces cooperation as well as competition. Another depth to the game.

    But I know this is difficult to balance (especially since some players have a 5yo mentality and cry when they cannot play with their friends, just like in the nursery when you and your friend were assigned opposite football teams...).

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  • 1. The future

    2. Great Britain

    3. Russia and Germany

    4 Russia, Mongolia, China

  • Hello,

    If it is for us to lay a server like Origin Journey, it is not worth it! .. A Classic scenario, even with a new map and new properties will remain a Classic. And so it's without any interest! ..

    The idea of changing world must be accompanied by a change of scenario and must bring new challenges.

    I agree with the idea of Sacroima for a crossing of China to the edge of the Mediterranean (or Europe), through Samarkand, to transport goods from the Silk Road ...

    The challenge (among other things) would be to succeed in making the complete journey between the two ends of the route of the Silk Road ... Our trains in the game of the first eras would consist of going from one counter to another to relay goods (and to bring to cities (and monuments) that punctuate this road), then the time passing and the rails more and more advanced in their pose, would go to counters more distant ... who managed first to rally east to west (or vice versa) in one go with a train wins a (beautiful) medal (among others: prestige points, career points ..)! ..

    This is an idea that would bring more breath to this wonderful game, Rail Nation. Because to repeat the same scenarios is irrelevant, none.


    PS. I made the effort to translate to read you, it's your turn to do it too (it seems that there are good things to do this on the internet).;)


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  • Samisu, I just checked me email and there's been no survey sent to me, checked spam as well. I know RN has my email because I get the invoices if I purchase gold.

  • Samisu, I just checked me email and there's been no survey sent to me, checked spam as well. I know RN has my email because I get the invoices if I purchase gold.

    Hi, hard to say why some didn't receive the survey, not everyone received it I hear. Feel free to use this thread to share your thoughts and wishes for an upcoming scenario theme, those will still count just like the survey.

  • First of all, answering survey is not possible on my iPhone, but will try to do it on PC in the weekend.

    Will answer here as well though.

    Most I would like to see a world map. 5 regions instead of 10 in Europe, but 10 cities in each region. If possible could be different world maps, so the cities is not the same everytime. There should be cities and landmark for every city, but also a special project. 1 for every region, placed in the middle of the region. Everyone would have to contribute to the project so it could grow. Should be very high prestige, but not nevessarily the highest profits.

    If not Afrika, Silk Road and Orient Express appeals to me. Would like it to offer more rewards for connecting snd hauling long distance and that you have to co-operate a lot more. Other than that agree a lot to what Sacroima says.

    Please also have both orindary speed and Express speed

  • I don't know what would get me to come back to the game (besides my friends nagging me.;)) It would definitely have to include new elements and challenges. It would also have to be an Express server. I wouldn't play a 12 week game again.

    I like the idea of a world map as somebody suggested. I also kind of like the idea of forced mixing of players as another person suggested. Servers die when the same teams play together over and over and nobody bothers to challenge them. (instead, everybody flocks to their city. )

    What if it was a world map and the were different daily or weekly challenges that needed to be met surrounding import or export of goods that are only found in certain parts of the world.

  • A world map for Rail Nation is a brilliant idea. One continent for each era. Just travel by train and / or transport of goods and passengers around the world. Through. New challenges, unprecedented. New challenges for the Rail Nation Team, but also for the players.

    Here we have time and space to create dreams and plans. We only have to decide and collaborate: RN Team with players who have new, brilliant ideas. Create a new Rail Nation! I can not wait to start working on the PTR3 server!

    Hip, hip, hooray! :love:

    There is a saying to us in the village: "If it is goose, then be fat!" :)

    PS: I also believe in meta events and diamonds (Winter Event of 2018) and I look forward to its continuation, as I wrote in the comment of the blog: Meta Events and Diamonds - Free browser-based online strategy game - Rail Nation

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  • Many have stated the desire for a whole new scenario and I would have to agree with that thought. New maps are fine but an overall change would be much more fun. Original Journey is interesting but it is only different in appearance (i.e. different map and goods) I have been here long enough to have seen the release of the USA and Steam Over Europe servers release. It would be nice to have that level of change. Maybe something involving bouncing from city to city across the map as was suggested with the China Silk idea. Not sure how the Orient Express would be implemented unless it is Passenger rail service but must pick up clues to solve a murder. I dont know. Just some thoughts.

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  • Yeah, a new game mechanic variant would be cool.

    I like the propositions made here, like silk road or Trans Siberian Railroad.

    Especially the aspect of trade between cities sounds cool to me - having differnt goods in different parts of the map exclusively and having to trade to be able to advance.

    Maybe even having to team up between two cities in order to be able to win the endgame?

  • Hello !.. ;)

    I'm coming here to add to the idea that I mentioned above ... On a server with a specific scenario: The Silk Road ...

    A peculiarity: in this version, monuments produce products that sell at counters or other monuments at the other end of the world, each monument has its specialty (as we know in Europe, for our abbeys, c is the same principle): sacred books, illuminations, icons, silk, clothes, carpets, cheeses, honey, caviar, blown glass, stained glass, marble sculpture, stone cut, ironwork, goldsmith's work ...

    The map is divided into several sections called "steps", they are limited by the "counters". Between two counters is a monument and a city. The city needs products of "first necessity" to grow, as well as the monument, BUT! ..

    - There, there is a need to communicate between the various stages of this Silk Road, it is even a mandatory passage!

    > Each monument produces its specialty (and it is unique to produce it, it is unique). Each monument needs various BRs (the same as those of the city of the stage, depending on the level) + a specialty of a nearby monument (near or far) to be able to grow.

    To be able to obtain this specialty, it is necessary to make the request!

    This product request is made by the caliphate or the municipality, to the other caliphates or municipalities (depending on the geographical zone of the stages), leaving a "ticket" to the counters. The "ticket" is then transported by the trains of the distant stages going from counters to counters. the transport of this "ticket" earns PP (a lot), but no money. On the other hand, having transported the "ticket" allows to transport the special product (it brings back a lot of money).

    The transport of the "ticket" is done through a special wagon that can transport all the specialties produced along the Silk Road, it is expensive (necessarily) ... :(

    We can not transport special products if we do not have the special car, and if we did not transport the corresponding ticket. Carrying a ticket is equivalent to a transport fee for the corresponding product. This complicates the game, but makes it even more interesting, the first "race" will be carried by the players on the transport of these famous tickets! .. To be able to carry a maximum of special products ..;)

    The Grail is to be able to carry a special product from one end to the other of the Silk Road, if this transport is long, it brings in a lot of money and a lot of PP. At the beginning of the game this transport is less profitable because it is countertop counter and the product (like the ticket) is relayed from one stage to another ... The more the game, the more the rails are laid and the more the trips are made between counters more and more distant ...

    As for the locos, they each have their specificities and we will favor those that go faster or those with great traction forces to prefer trips between counters more or less close and for deliveries of cities and monuments. ..

    So ... well or not? ...

    And better, we must know that there is not a single Silk Road, there are (in fact) several, they are in parallel! .. Which allows to multiply counters for each step and make multiple paths crossed. ;)

    RN / TG, would it be a buyer? .. Me, yes .., what about you?

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  • A tutorial server wouldn't be a bad option. An express or shorter in time. Without this played no advancing to the normal servers. The tutorials in-game, the Lucy tasks, are not sufficient.

    good explanations about:

    recalculation, golden hour


    load utilisation

    difference between cargo and passengers

    investing, the do's and don'ts, what does investing for majortity holders, what does investing for non majority holders

    growing of industries, how and why


    growing of cities

    team play / solo play, the do's and don'ts

    fair play

    extra for the SOE


    major and the council

    warehouses, harbours

    special routes

    At Origin servers are a lot of newbees playing. At least at the COMM301 there is no room to teach the newbees. Most don't even understand basic English. This server is so crowded that even the experienced players have problems to adjust to it. It is very different on a so crowded as what most are used to. With all the mistakes made it is not always fun to play that server.

    This will also slow down multi accounts, a new made account can't start at the regular live servers

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  • I like the idea of a scenario where certain goods are only produced in a limited part of the map. The Silk Road and Transsiberian Railroad and even The Orient Express could be examples for this.

    A way to do this COULD be that those limited goods could be hauled from one city or warehouse to another city or warehouse, and then someone else can pickup the surplus from city/warehouse 2 and haul them to a third city/warehouse, and so forth until the good has been hauled from one end of the map to another by 8 or 9 players.

    As sacorima mentioned in the start of the thread the harbors are underused in SoE. That COULD simply be because all goods are present around every city. I'm not sure anyone sees the need to use the harbor because we've already got the good around the specific city

  • Hello there,

    about maps & scenarios: This survey was actually about both. Some of the suggested themes basically HAVE to be entirely new scenarios, some others might work very well as a map. It's totally an option to do both. In addition to that, there is also the option for a hybrid, i.e. a map that does not have entirely new features on the same scale as SoE or USA, but instead offers alternative gameplay by manipulating or removing current features. For example there could be less or more cities, there could be different balancing concerning prestige gains, the train stats could be different, industries could be removed etc.

    Caténaire Interesting idea! We actually also discussed the theme "Silk road" internally

    naike We discussed the idea of tutorial servers internally and there are a lot of advantages to it, but also some problems. One of the biggest problems is that, on a tutorial server, players don't really connect with the player base. They play in their own little bubble and have no contact to experienced players, which will make it difficult for them to be integrated socially. This is already hard for newbies and with tutorial servers it would be even harder.

    Another problem would be the "culture" of Rail Nation. There are big differences in play style and mentality across the different regions of RN. For example in some regions, taking majories is a total no-go and if you do it you will be hit by the wrath of the community, while in other domains it's widely accepted as competitive play and considered perfectly normal. Both mentalities are okay, but which one would we teach the newbies?

    It's basically the "do's and don'ts" you mentioned, they are not universal, they strongly depend on the region or even the server and there is no "right" version.

    That's also why the Origin Journey servers experience a bit more...let's say "discussion" than other servers, because on these servers multiple mentalities collide with each other.
    That being said, I totally agree that the basic tutorial is not really enough to integrate new players in the full depth of RN gameplay. While that is perfectly normal for a basic tutorial, it would be cool to find a way to provide additional guidance for players who finished the tutorial.



  • naike We discussed the idea of tutorial servers internally and there are a lot of advantages to it, but also some problems. One of the biggest problems is that, on a tutorial server, players don't really connect with the player base. They play in their own little bubble and have no contact to experienced players, which will make it difficult for them to be integrated socially. This is already hard for newbies and with tutorial servers it would be even harder.

    I think there will be experienced players who want to help at those servers. Maybe a new kind of crew members. They also can bring the people towards the live servers and can be mediators to give the new players a spot within experienced assos.

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