Let's discuss the scenario survey

  • Hello everyone,

    I had another idea (on the French forum - and for good reason [I'm sorry, it's my language]) that consisted in doing a sort of compilation of the RN universe to bring a new type of game.

    That's what I said on this forum, if you are looking for leads, this one may be another ... :

    We thought it was a pity that Origig Journey was only a pale copy of the Classic scenario ... Indeed, this server does not bring anything, the game is identical except for the new RG scattered everywhere in times and creating new supply chains ... The new map does not bring much and the monument even less, having no role in the game. In short, it is a deep trouble. Hence my little idea that by germinating gave this:

    Imagine, the same principle as Europe (with region, presidents, mayors, associations), plus two groups of regions (East / West or North / South) who compete for more territory. These are managed with their parliaments (Red and Blue, for example), to distribute a "super bonus" to help those who do the actions for the benefit of the grouping of regions (conquer or stabilize). There would be warehouses, ports, full of RG (the new ones, why not?) And passengers (which roll internally or internationally, with taxes or bonuses, depending on the type of trip [blue / blue or blue red])...

    And imagine that the final is played mainly on two megacities (one red and one blue), it is the best region of the group that wins, with its best city.

    But, for this game to be possible, the laying of the rails is less expensive, as long as one poses in his group of region and even less in his own region. The laying time of the rails is invariable within the group of regions to which one belongs. The laying of rails in the other group of regions is subject to a tax (constant, and is higher for the connection to a city or monument of the other camp) and it takes more time ... ;)

    A game with a strategy with several "speeds", with a pyramidal hierarchical structure, ranging from the association to the grouping of region (association / town hall / region / grouping of regions). Key positions are subject to voting, as is already the case. The powers are those of bonus placement games, such as now ...

    Everything is a kind of super compilation of Europe and Golden Gate scenarios, there are monuments to deliver, there are positions of "power", there is a final (but only two cities clash at the end) there are about 10 regions to grow and two groupings of regions competing on a territory battle.

    - In the ranking we find: the PP, the cities, the regions, and the grouping of regions ... What to feed new career points! ..

    So? .. A condensate of RN on a compilation of scenarios that would be played in express mode (to spice up), does it speak to you or not?

    - Hihi! .. That would be crazy, no? ... - Will have to really coordinate and communicate to get sparks! ..; p

    Catenary, with his wire (always) in the air. ;)

  • Just adding some thoughts on my prospect for a world map.

    There could be specific goods for certain parts of the world, like tobacco in America, rice in Asia etc. This would have to be traded at harbours to be able to deliver then in your region. Players would have to trade across regions.

    For the Project in each region. If all regions have 10 cities, the project would be in the middle with equal distance to all cities. Instead of hauling to the project from industries, it would have to be picked up in a city. This would then count as extra consumption to the city, so strategy becomes important. If a project needed 10 goods all at 100000 tons, total 1 million tons. Each city must then deliver minimum 75000 tons each, the last 250000 tons are optional. This means a region cant leave one or more cities behind or it become impossible to level the project.

    Also would like to see more trains in each era. Instead of focusing on being possible to research all trains, this shouldnt necessarily be possible. Today its like 8 trains in each era. Maybe have like 12-14 trains in each era. Each «step» should have 2 or 3 different choices and you must set your path early to choose which trains to research, each with unique features like sprinter, marathoner etc.

  • Hello everyone,

    When I thought of a world map in Rail Nation, then I thought of a boundary road from one end to the next in every era, with the possibility of several routes (for example, in north, mid and south of the continent in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the west, mid and east of North America, South America and Africa) to the player's free choice: starting from a particular city (Porto, Lisbon, etc.), with different goods (possibly passengers) to be transported, varying (types and quantity) from one city to another, ending in another specific city (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Donetsk).

    The character of the game competition will be given by the possibility of several routes, the variety and quantity of the goods to be transported, the used engines, etc. Railroad tracks can be shorter (or less) at the beginning of the era, and longer (or more) at the end of the era.

    In this scenario, there will be no regions or landmarks, there will be no politicians or elections, no trainspotters, no licenses, maybe not even competitions. Instead, they will be associations, factories, engines to research, stations and railways to build, cities bound to each other, and so on. The game would have a totally new scenario, different from the one so far. It will be played expressly (so with 7-day eras). Associations (and their members) who complete and fulfill the mission in seven days will receive a certain amount of money and / or a certain number of prestige, and those who fail to travel and transport the requested goods, will be receive prestige (proportionally) less. From day 8, the second era begins on another continent, with similar rules and missions. And so are the other eras.

    The Endgame (if it will be necessary) will be similar to mission of era 1-6, but for a shorter distance (on the Antarctic, for example, with railways to be built in the endgame.)

    Unfortunately, I'm not an informatician, I can not make computer games. But I can write and draw on the paper the scenario of the game (like the script of a movie or a piece of theater), the maps, the tracks, the other necessary data ... And I will do it with the greatest possible love, because I like to dream and make plans. :love:

    Have fun, success and the fulfillment of all desires and dreams: especially those related to a new scenario of Rail Nation game. :)