Features We're Thankful For

  • I just wanted to pass along my gratitude to those responsible for fine-tuning the GUI, especially when it comes to interfaces or sub-screens like the individual engine window. A few weeks ago, if you were servicing engines manually (no plus account), you'd have to wait for the data to catch up to your clicking. Clicking on the next engine too soon caused you to skip ahead without servicing.

    Having spent a little of my life writing scripts and dabbling in code, I appreciate it when people keep things tidy and efficient...I *hate* bloatware. Just because there is a few hundred gigs available doesn't mean you have to use it all for your applications. :)

    "Well done" to the dev team.

  • also much smoother to play with a few hundred tracks laid, compared to one year ago.

    must be said when things improve as well


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