Tool for End Game in Steam over Europe

  • After several End Games I've made a tool to make the End Game a bit easier for callers. It's a Google-Sheet tool. The tool is a template, so if you intend to use it copy it to your own Google-Profile. It should only be downloaded by ONE from the city, who then host it for the rest of the callers. It's a tool that can be used to make scenarios for which Online good to choose. Just change the WT-entries and goods to see, which good would be most efficient to choose, or at which WT it would be acceptable to choose a specific good as Online.

    I've also made a manual for using it.

    The Tool itself:

    The Tool-template

    The Manual

    I have to give credit to Rantanen who created the initial tool, that's been upgraded extensively since

  • Quite a complex sheet at first sight. Always good to see people willing to share their tools though ;)

    I've used sheets for calling for the past year as well, but never something as sophisticated as that. Well done, must have taken you a while !

    Sofia is better situated than Bucarest for EG, if Sarajevo isn't heavily populated though ;)

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  • It's intended to be able to use it for all 50 cities, as long as you enter the industry and distance to city. And it only has to be done ONCE. If I myself gets the data for a city at some point, I'll upload updated data, that can simply copied to your own copy

  • I have some data for a few mega-cities, but not in the same format. If I find the time I'll make sure to translate it to english, convert it to this format using your template and send it to you so that you can upload it.

    It would be awesome to get this information (and maybe more later) available to all players and I'm glad you started this topic !

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  • Its based on city levels. When a city transforms to a megacity the stock is tripled.

    Below a table with the stocksize of megacities from level 36 to 47.

    Level Stocksize
    36 156.000
    37 162.000
    38 168.000
    39 174.000
    40 180.000
    41 187.500
    42 195.000
    43 202.500
    44 210.000
    45 217.500
    46 225.000
  • Good and helpful tool.