Tool for the association

  • We've made a tool for associations. It's a Google-Sheet tool. The tool is a template, so if you intend to use it copy it to your own Google-Profile. It should only be downloaded by ONE from the city, who then host it for the rest of the association.

    It's not very complex, so there's no manual.

    There's a pane for each era. Every era copies data from the previous era.

    In each era you can make recommendations for which Goods-train and Passengers to use in the era. You can set a demand for how many train-slots should be used for passengers. You can also make recommendations for which level each building should reach. You can also set which cities members should connect to. On Steam over Europe you can also set it to harbor, warehouse, other regions and LMs

    For each member you enter which Goods-train they primarily use, which PAX-train they primarily use. How many slots the PAX-trains use. The level of each building, and where they are connected.

    If a member has reached a recommendation, the entry becomes green. If it's only 1 level from reaching the building recommendation it becomes yellow.

    You can also enter an x if they're connected to the recommended cities. If the entry is anything else than blank or X the cell entry becomes yellow instead. That's to be used on Steams over Europe in case you've connected to LM but not city. Then you can just enter LM.

    For each information the tool tells you how many has reached the recommendation at the top.

    Era 6 is a bit different, as you can also enter who intend to play next round, and whether they've preregistered

    It's possible to set one of the members, as the member the association supports as first place. That member might have some different rules than the other.

    There's also a Bid-pane, where you can enter results of auctions. We only use it for auctions we've won. The data entered here is summarized in the era-panes.

    Finally there's a pane for recommendations for workers

    We've used it for comparisons. At the beginning it was a tool for the leadership to be able to see how far everyone was in upgrading station, trains and tracks. Most of the members use it now to see how they fare compared to their fellow association-members.

    It should be possible to use it in every scenario.

    The Tool-template

  • it makes me wonder if there can be some scripts and forms added in there to make it easier or more intuitive?

    I think gsheets are EZ to make macros and scripts I was trying are basically just javascript ..

    food for thought