Text for calling on Steams over Europe

  • I've made a tool, to make quick texts for calling on Steams over Europe. It's a Google-Sheet tool. The tool is a template, so if you intend to use it copy it to your own Google-Profile. It should only be downloaded by ONE from the city, who then host it for the rest of the callers.

    It uses the same data template as the End Game Tools, so it's very easy to copy the data between the 2 tools

    Basically you select which region you play in. It will automatically find the 5 cities in the region

    Then you select the current RGs for the city you play in. And then select the industries for the goods. You can also use it to make up to 4 calls at a time for Landmark

    Simply copy the text to forum

    You have to make sure that you've entered the industry-names in the correct region-pane. If you also enter the distance to city you have data ready to copy to End Game Tools

    Tool Template