Rail Nation - Industry (Basic Concept)

  • Rail Nation - Industry (Basic Concept)

    This is another stupid idea of the HMR.

    You can skip it!

    This is a basic concept for a new scenario.

    Industry-based scenario.

    At the heart of this new scenario is the development of industries.

    Map: China / India (Probably)

    Map with 5 regions. Each region with 10 cities. (or 50 cities without regions)

    Each city has its own 48 industries!

    Option 1: Industries raise city level!

    The growth of the city depends on the growth of the industries!

    For every 10 levels* of industries of required goods one city level is raising!

    Option 2: Industries unlock the possibility of city-level!

    The city can raise 1 level when the industries with the required goods raise 10 levels*.

    (* this number depends on the era)

    Other options:

    - Players get prestige for supplies in industries (for required goods only)

    - Less prestige for delivery in the city

    - Industries need passengers to raise their level

    - Industry levels bring points for the region

    - Industry levels bring points for the city

  • Hello, Hear Me Roar,

    Please, read the follow discuss: Let's discuss the scenario survey

    And my posts on it:

    A world map for Rail Nation is a brilliant idea. One continent for each era. Just travel by train and / or transport of goods and passengers around the world. Through. New challenges, unprecedented. New challenges for the Rail Nation Team, but also for the players.

    Here we have time and space to create dreams and plans. We only have to decide and collaborate: RN Team with players who have new, brilliant ideas. Create a new Rail Nation! I can not wait to start working on the PTR3 server!

    Hip, hip, hooray! :love:

    There is a saying to us in the village: "If it is goose, then be fat!" :)

    PS: I also believe in meta events and diamonds (Winter Event of 2018) and I look forward to its continuation, as I wrote in the comment of the blog: Meta Events and Diamonds - Free browser-based online strategy game - Rail Nation

    And the next:

    Hello everyone,

    When I thought of a world map in Rail Nation, then I thought of a boundary road from one end to the next in every era, with the possibility of several routes (for example, in north, mid and south of the continent in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the west, mid and east of North America, South America and Africa) to the player's free choice: starting from a particular city (Porto, Lisbon, etc.), with different goods (possibly passengers) to be transported, varying (types and quantity) from one city to another, ending in another specific city (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Donetsk).

    The character of the game competition will be given by the possibility of several routes, the variety and quantity of the goods to be transported, the used engines, etc. Railroad tracks can be shorter (or less) at the beginning of the era, and longer (or more) at the end of the era.

    In this scenario, there will be no regions or landmarks, there will be no politicians or elections, no trainspotters, no licenses, maybe not even competitions. Instead, they will be associations, factories, engines to research, stations and railways to build, cities bound to each other, and so on. The game would have a totally new scenario, different from the one so far. It will be played expressly (so with 7-day eras). Associations (and their members) who complete and fulfill the mission in seven days will receive a certain amount of money and / or a certain number of prestige, and those who fail to travel and transport the requested goods, will be receive prestige (proportionally) less. From day 8, the second era begins on another continent, with similar rules and missions. And so are the other eras.

    The Endgame (if it will be necessary) will be similar to mission of era 1-6, but for a shorter distance (on the Antarctic, for example, with railways to be built in the endgame.)

    Unfortunately, I'm not an informatician, I can not make computer games. But I can write and draw on the paper the scenario of the game (like the script of a movie or a piece of theater), the maps, the tracks, the other necessary data ... And I will do it with the greatest possible love, because I like to dream and make plans. :love:

    Have fun, success and the fulfillment of all desires and dreams: especially those related to a new scenario of Rail Nation game. :)

    Thanks for your attention. And what your opinion now about new scenario?