Tool for cities on Steam over Europe

  • I've made a tool for keeping track of RG sequence and majorities and a couple of other stuff that's city-related. It's a Google-Sheet tool. The tool is a template, so if you intend to use it copy it to your own Google-Profile. It should only be downloaded by ONE from the region, who then host it for the rest of the region-dwellers.

    It's divided into 4 very different tools. To be able to use it correctly a couple of things have to be done:

    In the data-pane you have to enter the major associations in the region in F44-F49

    In the Region Comparison-pane you have to select which region you play in cell A2. That's actually it.

    I'll speak about the panes backwards:

    EG Lineup is simply a reconstruction of the screen we get in RN for End Game cities. You enter a bit more information that you initially see on the RN-screen.

    You select each city in the correct place. All the info you have to write is level, IF Passengers are done in each city and the progress of each city.

    You can change the EG startime to reflect when it's time in your time zone. The Tool is born with CEST

    The Tendency-pane is for calculating the consumption.

    It will automatically select the 5 cities of the region you entered previously in the Region Comparison-pane. It will also automatically select the 4 current RG according to the CIties RG, which we will come back to.

    Fill out all the white cells for the city.

    Tendency: Tendency for the good,
    Stock: Stock for the good,
    Region bonus: fill out for the city that has the bonus
    City bonus: fill out for the good in the city that's supported
    Before cons: At approximately consumption, enter the stock just before for each good

    After cons: At approximately consumption, enter the stock just after for each good.

    For passenger enter hauled for how many has been hauled to the city, and target for the target for passengers.

    If you do the above a calculation will be made for how long it will take with the current parametres to finish each good and passengers

    The Region Comparison is for exactly that. Comparing regions.

    You can compare 3 regions. Select regions, the landmarks in the corresponding regions and cities in the corresponding regions. The Landmarks and cities are limited to the selected regions
    The first is your own region

    Enter level for the selected cities and levels and percentage done for the landmarks. Also enter player prestige.

    Finally we have the Cities RG-pane

    This is used to keep track of RG sequence and majorities. The majorities is most useful when several major associations haul in the city.

    We've tried to make recommendations for a sequence that take into account the supplies needed.

    The cities will automatically be for the selected region in the Region Comparison-pane.
    It's possible for you to change the sequence for a city if you're not satisfied with the recommendation. Just select another RG, but remember to change the place where the new RG was previously, so you always have the 46 RG somewhere on the list. It's only possible to select RGs that's actually genericly possible to select at that level. It doesn't take into account if you had selected the RG elsewhere for the city.
    Select an association to get the majority.
    When the city levels you just change the city level in row 3, and then you can copy the column N for the specific city to forum

    Tool Template