Widget - Timers... Recalc timer, track of specific industries and their leveling timer...

  • Hi,

    Since no one else has shared their feedback to your idea, it may be that this feature is not necessary and the information can be found from the game easy enough?

    Or would you like to tell more about your feature idea / new widget? Even better if you could sketch something on top of a screenshot from the game to show what you meant by this timer widget?

  • 1st idea: having a Widget window with the Recalculation timer up front, rather than hovering over any industry to see it.

    (the Consumption is not that important since its already shown at the bottom of the widget on the city watcher.)

    the 2nd part was Industry Growth, and have the Widget showing me the top 5 or top 10 industries that are about to level, whether or not i have invested in them... and if the occupancy is up or down...

  • This is a good idea i like the Recalculation one as you only know by hovering over an industry. Having one on screen all the time would help a lot perhaps something like during end game when its displayed under the city how long until consumption and recalc and goods required. The industry one you have something similar already if you go to rankings along the bottom you will see an industry button when you go into that it lets you go to each tab displaying growth, time, level and investment.

  • I would like a clock built in with UTC (so it will be easier to synchronize players in different time zones)

    And under it - time to recalculation

    But this is not a widget ... it's written on the main screen of the game!!! (With the ability to turn off).