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    Scandinavian M1.201 start on Monday 15/7 But that is very bad - Why - normal Scandinavian is a very small server max 700 up to era 6 then 900-1000,, but when EG start on a Monday people needs to get the off from work Tuesday and maybe Wednesday, or EG will take a VERY long time, why not postpone it an let it start Thursday 18/7 or Friday 19/7, this will make sure the EG run better and more fair for all.

    So pls RN lets is it be fair for this small server and start it Friday 19/7 or Thursday 18/7(someway more easy for people to get the day off when it is Friday)

    Cheers Rype

  • Hey Naike

    Yes U are right, but on Scandinavia most people can participate in the weekend ( played for last 6-8 rounds - so get an ok feeling with it), a hard number of people always play on Scandi (guess 500) they are most online in the weekend, so to get as fair EG as possible it will be best for such s small server to start Friday

  • Hi,

    This is a wish easy to understand. On the other hand, moving one server start could lead to the rescheduling of the next ones starting as well, so there will always be servers with an EG during weekend and an EG during the week days with the scheduling we now have in place.

    What if we turned this discussion a bit more global? How many players would globally want the EG to hit a weekend vs week days? What are the pros and cons?

    Changing the restart schedules affect more that 1 server, so it would be really good to hear lots of opinions :saint:

  • Well, I will talk about why I prefer EG in the weekdays personnally :

    - weekends are often used as time with family. How often have I heard people telling me they wouldn't be available for the city competition on sunday afternoon because of a lunch with friends / family.

    - RN included a fraction of elderly people (retired for example) that we haven't in other online games. Which means that, a lot of people are actually available during the week (someone in the company probably has the stats I suppose). Add to that the students, that are much more available during the week.

    Overall, an EG for me is : first evening, then 1 full day and the second day until 1pm-8pm (depends). So, 2 working days, the second one often not important because the EG is over. And, people can use the smartphone to participate to rushs as well in the first day if needed. But it would take the entire week-end, especially the evenings (where most people are available for rushs), which is the best time for going out with friends / loved ones (friday - saturday evenings are probably the times where the least players are available).

    Fr-201 Bad Wolf de coeur

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    Likely coming back for clash!

  • I prefer to start at a thursday with the endgame.

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  • Hey

    First of all i see Naike ♏ and @sacroima's argument and yes i got no doubt that it is correct on many servers, but on Scandinavian is most people ( as see and hear it) working and gives some problems when Start/EG day is Monday to Wednesday, because people need to get free from work to participate and on a small server below 1.000 maybe even below 1.300 it create a lot of problems, because EG is very difficult to run with only 25 % of your asso active, on many other servers U may got 5 -15 active asso during EG on same City then no prob, but on the small ones it is a big challenge, and people on the small servers also pay for the game, and i hear from many it is not fair we pay for a game and need to use our holiday for EG, maybe RN should look more into this during your survey.

    So how to deal with that:

    1) small servers( below 1000) based on last 5 games always start on Thursday or Friday ( and Yes i can still not explain why people more often can get Fridag off to EG but not other weekday)

    2) Reduce EG demands on smaller servers so it will go quicker, maybe half the tonnage to haul

    3) Extend Era 6 ( then start day is not a problem anymore) so EG always will start Friday on small servers.

    Just a thought

    Cheers Rype

  • There are always players who can't play in the weekends or the weekdays, so when ever the eg starts there is always a group that can't be online, so for me i'm often off during the weekend social appointments, but there is also a group working in the weekend and another group that is working on weekdays. So i think whenever the eg starts never everybody can be happy when the eg starts, there is always a group who can't be online as much as they would like to be.

  • Surely all servers have a variety of peoplw ho prefer different times so by having the EG varying means that all can participate in some EGs more than others. This also means that the top association/city will change from round to round as the dates change, even if the players don't.

    If all EGs on a server are at the same time you will end up losing players if they can never participate in EG, whether that is weekdays or weekends.

  • I also play on cm05 (English, Bretons we are naturally bilingual), obviously the restart always resumes the same day a Tuesday it seems to me at the same time, it has to be the best.

    I am not a supporter for the weekend, lack of time and make the final on a Sunday when no one is without the "caller" we are about to lose the final.

    *Translated via Google Translate. Please use only English here on COM/US forum, thank you. Regards, Samisu.

  • endgames lasting longer than 36 hours? those are myths and legends from days gone by!!!! (I blame Dumbledore)

    I think a number of folks also play from work, logging in once an hour, which they probably prefer to spending a weekend chained to the monitor.

    Personally, endgame is one reason for me to look forward to retirement. (There are others)

  • For me, the day endgame starts is a crapshoot whether I'll be working or not. The hours I work 1 week will be the hours I'm off the next week. Invariably I'll have a whole day off to play eg followed by a whole day unvailable to play eg. I got lucky with the last SteamBoiler01 endgame. I was off the day it started, worked the full next day then had sat/sun off. Sometimes I don't get so lucky. Also an early european fri can be a late US thurs. You can't please everyone due to various work schedules of players and time differences.